What Colors are Best for Painting My Bedroom?

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Your bedroom is meant to be your oasis. It is a spot where you are supposed to have time to sit back and relax, enjoying the end of the day and getting the relief that you need. When it is time to paint the bedroom, you also need to make sure that you are picking out a color you are sure to love, one that will help you fall in love with your bedroom even more than before. But what are some of the best colors that you are able to choose to make your bedroom even more comfortable than before. 


You want to go with something that is cool and serene in your bedroom to help you fall asleep and relax more than before. Some of the best colors to enjoy in your bedroom will include blue, green, and silver to name a few. There are also a few colors that you need to avoid. These will include any kind of saturated colors, purple, and cool brown as these will not help you to get some of the relaxation that you need. 


Blue is often one of the best out of all the colors we listed above. The connotations that it has to the sky and to the sea can make it very relaxing when you see that color on the walls. This is not just anecdotal evidence that you just have to trust. Instead, research shows us that people will get more sleep when they spend time in a blue bedroom. 


While Navy is often considered a bad choice to do in your kitchen because it tends to inhibit conversations, this characteristic is going to make it a good choice to use in the bedroom so you can go to sleep. If you are not that fond of the color blue and do not want to use it in your bedroom, then go with something like an icy gray-green to change up your options with neutrals or a soothing silver-gray to see if that helps give you a relaxing environment to go to sleep in. 


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